At Honda, we believe that technology is for people. We continue to strive towards building better electrification technologies that contribute to not only the joy of driving but also to creating new value in both mobility and everyday life.

Our e:HEV technology supports real driving performance while achieving amazing fuel economy and low carbon emissions. Combining instantaneous electric power with the autonomy of an efficient petrol engine; the perfect hybrid combination for the city and beyond.

Honda New Zealand introduces its first e:HEV powertrain in the Next Generation Jazz e:HEV Luxe.

*e:HEV powertrain only available in Jazz e:HEV Luxe.

Honda e:Technology

The e:HEV powertrain is put together with compact, powerful electric motors that connect to a smooth petrol engine, which primarily powers the electricity generator, a lithium-ion battery and a sturdy fixed-gear transmission.

A clever power control unit ensures harmony between the component parts to provide you with an energetic response.

Our advanced and intelligent, self-charging hybrid powertrain - e:HEV - combines effortless driving with performance you can really feel. This is what we mean when we say it is ‘the electrification you can feel’. 

The e:HEV system cleverly switches between 3 modes to give you high performance and economy with low emissions.

  • EV Drive Mode: run on 100% silent, electric power. The petrol engine is used as a generator to charge the battery, which then powers the electric motor to drive the wheels.
  • Hybrid Drive Mode: the electric motors power the wheels, with the petrol engine acting as an electrical generator.
  • Engine Drive: the petrol engine drives the wheels, running at optimum fuel efficiency while charging the battery at the same time.

Using Regenerative Braking the car can harness electrical energy through braking, removing the need to charge manually.

e:hev luxe

Honda New Zealand introduces its first advanced e:HEV hybrid powertrain in the award-winning Next Generation Jazz e:HEV Luxe.

Dynamic, modern and spacious, it's built with luxury and performance in mind, combining an advanced 1.5L petrol engine with powerful electric motors. 

It features a full leather interior, a breathtaking panoramic windscreen and magic seats. Keeping you connected with a sleek 9”  touchscreen display and fully equipped with Honda’s advanced safety technology – Honda Sensing, giving you the confidence to reach your destination.

Jazz e:HEV Luxe is eligible for a cashback rebate under the Governments Clean Car Programme. Find Out More.

*e:HEV powertrain only available in Jazz e:HEV Luxe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Honda vehicle has a self charging hybrid e:HEV engine?

The Jazz e:HEV Luxe boasts an electrified e:HEV engine. The very first self-charging hybrid in Honda New Zealand's new car range.

What is a self charging hybrid?

A self-charging hybrid charges itself whilst driving and braking. This energy is then stored in the battery which can be used later making for greater fuel efficiency.

Do I need to plug in an e:HEV?

The e:HEV system is self-charging. It gets power from the combustion engine and from regenerative braking, meaning there is no need to plug the car in to charge. 

How can i select EV mode?

EV mode is selected automatically by the car based on the driving conditions.

what is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking uses the energy generated by the electric motor when braking to recharge the battery.

Are hybrid cars better for the environment?

Hybrid cars use fuel more efficiently than conventional engine cars. They produce fewer pollutants over their lifetime. Short journeys at low speeds are when they are most effective and the electric motor and battery are used more. 

What are the advantages of an electrified hybrid e:HEV car?

It improves fuel economy and reduces overall emissions, all while providing a smooth and powerful driving experience.

What happens if the e:HEV system runs out of battery?

Even if the battery runs out, all hybrid e:HEVs will run on their petrol engines. In practice, it’s unlikely that the battery would ever completely run out of charge because it will automatically continue to be recharged by the engine or using regenerative braking.

What does a regular service for an e:HEV car involve?

A regular service of an e:HEV car is quite similar to a normal petrol car. The petrol engine in an e:HEV car requires the same work as that of any other car. Since the e:HEV lets the electric motor take over in some conditions, the hybrid engine is likely to have less wear and tear. The Regenerative braking system helps slow the car down so the brakes may last longer too as they don’t have to work as hard. There is no special regular maintenance required on the e:HEV system itself.

How far can i drive in an electrified hybrid e:HEV car?

Every hybrid vehicle has a combustion engine as well as an electric motor, so you can drive as far as the fuel in the tank will take you. The range will be at least as good as a conventional petrol car and probably better due to the greater fuel efficiency on an e:HEV system.