Honda Service

Your One Stop Honda Service Shop

Your One Stop Honda Service Shop

Honda Service provides a wide range of care for your vehicle. Our specialist Honda trained technicians and Honda diagnostic equipment ensure that you will get the best motoring throughout your ownership period. We can help you retain the showroom condition of your brand new car, or increase the resale value of your existing Honda. From aesthetics to performance, we take care of every aspect.

Need servicing? Mechanical repairs? NZTA relicensing? Tyres and batteries? WOF? Smart repair or premium valet? Honda does it all.

Standard Vehicle Service


  • Renew engine oil and filter
  • Check fluid levels: brake/clutch master cylinder reservoirs, transmission, power steering reservoir, radiator and screen washer reservoir
  • Record brake fluid condition
  • Visually inspect the radiator for damage/blockage
  • Lubricate door hinges, bonnet and boot catches


  • Check exterior light operation front and rear
  • Check wiper condition

Engine Tuning

  • Check idle speed
  • Inspect spark plugs
  • Check engine performance (road test)
  • Check/adjust drive belt tension (alternator, air cond)
  • Inspect the air filter element
  • Apart from routine services, we also have a number of service plans available to customers which you can get more information on here

Electrical and Electronic Control Systems

  • Check for fault codes
  • Check battery terminals/condition

Air Conditioner

  • Check performance of the A/C system
  • Condenser – check condition
  • Inspect A/C filter (if applicable)


  • Inspect suspension components
  • Inspect steering components
  • Inspect the drive shaft boots
  • Check the exhaust system
  • Inflate the tyres (including spare) to the correct pressure and check condition
  • Report tread depth
  • Check condition/security of brake/fuel hoses, lines & connections
  • Check for underbody damage/corrosion


  • Check wheel bearings and remove wheels
  • Check front pads for wear/record pad thickness
  • Check rear linings for wear/record thickness
  • Where applicable vacuum brake dust
  • Check handbrake operation/adjust as required
  • Check brake fluid condition
  • Refit and torque road wheels

Vehicle Compliance

  • Check the registration validity
  • Check the Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC) validity


Road test includes check of seat belt operation, engine, clutch, gearshift, power clutch, steering and brake performance (including A.B.S.)