The Jazz is packed with features and technology you wouldn’t expect in a small car. Offering the flexibility of a 5 door hatch, it is styled with sharp black detailing, has a range of colours to choose from, and thanks to the unique Magic Seats has more space than you can imagine.

The Jazz is now available with a brand new customisable touch screen system, smartphone connectivity – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*, and RS Sports Trim detailing throughout the interior*.

Each new Jazz comes with a 5 year warranty, unlimited kms and 24/7 national roadside assistance.

*Jazz RS models only

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Offering class-leading space with Honda's unique Magic Seats, which are a testimony to the very best in ingenious design. 

The back seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything.

With an updated new touch screen system, smartphone connectivity, reversing camera and parking sensors standard across the range; 8 on-trend colours to choose from; active safety and a 5 year warranty.

Big car benefits in a small car body.

Compare CTA (Jazz)
Compare CTA (Jazz)

With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be a Jazz that’s perfect for you. If you want a quick comparison between the various models: engine size, fuel consumption or a full comparison of specs, this is a useful tool to use. You can even compare the Jazz with any other Honda, like a small SUV, Hatch or Sedan.

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Customise your Jazz

We know that sometimes you need an extra bit of kit on your car. Here's a selection of some of the ways you can customise your Jazz - roof-racks for surfboards, kayaks or skis and cargo trays to protect your boot from wet or muddy gear.

You may even want to add door visors for both front and rear windows or a side-step LED garnish for that special touch.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Honda Jazz and Fit the same?

It’s simple really. The Honda Jazz is a New Zealand new car. The Honda Fit cars available in New Zealand are used cars imported from overseas and although they look similar, do not have the same specifications or technology as a Honda Jazz. For example, new Honda Jazz in NZ have six airbags and VSA fitted as standard, whereas not all Honda Fit cars have this level of safety. 

Whilst all Hondas have the same fundamental DNA, each country or region often require adaptations to their new Honda cars to suit their individual needs or environment. Sometimes these adaptations are as simple as the name badge and a few design amends, but in other instances there are fundamental differences under the hood in terms of engines and technology and the level of specification in the interior. 

What are the Honda Magic Seats?

The Magic Seat system developed for the Jazz, will change car interior space as you know it. A testimony to the very best in ingenious design, once you have experienced Honda’s innovative rear seating, it is impossible to go back to seats that only fold one way. The rear seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well, resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything from surfboards to small trees. 

Tall Mode is the first of the really astounding innovations. The back seats cleverly flip up to give you the full advantage of the height of the car from the floor to the ceiling. That’s over 1.2m of height and a whole lot of options.

Utility Mode is the simplest configuration - where the back seats fold down like a regular hatch. But Honda’s engineers solved a little problem here as well – the seats fold completely flat, so you can slide in a chest of drawers without it snagging on the seats.

Long Mode is a surfer’s dream. The passenger seat folds down to fit in objects up to 2.4m in length. An incredible innovation, creating even more freedom.

Refresh Mode gives the Jazz an even more spacious layout. After removing the head rests and moving the front seats forward, the back seat can be tilted down to form a bed like layout offering a comfy position to relax and refresh.

These are just the obvious combinations. Need to transport two bikes and a baby seat? Easy. How about two sets of golf clubs, three pieces of luggage and three passengers? No Problem. 

What is the fuel economy of the Jazz?

The entry level Jazz which has a 1.3L engine achieves a very enviable 5.1L/100kms whilst the Jazz RS with its 1.5L engine achieves 5.6L/100kms. These impressive figures are made possible through the Jazz range being fitted with Honda’s unique EarthDreams engines – an advancement in engine technology which provides improved performance as well as fuel economy.

Can you sleep in a Honda Jazz?

Short answer is yes. The magic seats fold down completely flat for you to be able to put a mattress down and sleep in the Jazz.